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Anatomy for beginners

Anatomy for everywone

I know that massage courses and seminars are visited by a huge number of students without a medical education.

I understand that knowledge of the basics of anatomy and physiology is the basis of competent massage.

And often it is precisely in this basic academic knowledge that many have a gap, which cannot be filled at practical massage seminars, and for many it is either difficult to do it on their own, or their hands “do not reach”.

What to do in this situation? I have a solution!


I propose to summarize the basic concepts of the life of the body in the format of a webinar. And I hope that this will allow everyone to get clear basic anatomical and physiological ideas in an accessible and understandable form.  


Objectives of this webinar:

- provide basic information about the structure and functioning of the human body.

– to form a complete picture of the structure and interaction of various structures, organs and systems, which is necessary in the practice of massage.

- anatomy and massage. Parallels. Where to stroke, how to stretch. Why and why?


To whom:

To all those who touch the body without a clear knowledge of what is hidden under the skin and how it "works".



Cell. Textile. Organ. System.hierarchy of integrity.

Nervous and endocrine systems.Departments, bodies, functions.

Skeleton.Features of the structure, functions.

Muscular-fascial system.Review, comparative characteristics.

Respiratory, cardiovascular systems.Microcirculation, tissue respiration, gas exchange.

Lymphatic system.Who is the head in this house?

Digestive, excretory, reproductive systems.General anatomical and physiological information.

You will get a conspect & certificate by email


Webinar duration: 3:16:39


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Анатомический ликбез
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