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We invite organizations and individuals to cooperate. We offer differente types of training in aesthetic and therapeutic massage (body & face) offline or online.

We conduct personal & groups trainings & courses:

—  Remodeling face massage (3 seminars course).

—  Rolling massage.

—  Deep tissue massage.

—  Anatomy trains concept.

— Veno-lymphatic drainage (face & body).

—  Anatomy in palpation (face & body).

—  Post isometric relaxation techniques.

—  Myofascial pain syndromes (3 trainings: head pain, neck pain, upper back pain, low back pain).

—  Joints mobilization techniques.

—  Master-class "Rounded shoulders" - massage tutorial.

—  Master-class "Text neck" - massage tutorial.

For more information about courses & seminares click here.


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