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Online functional nutrition consultation

''Nutrition – simple and secure way to improve health''

 The functioning of the body depends on factors, many of which are beyond our control: genetics, environment, permanent stress etc. But nutrition is a factor that can be turned into a tool for regulating (at least to some extent) the state of health.

An imbalance of nutrients (biologically significant substances) leads to measurable undesirable effects on various tissues and systems of the body: digestive, cardiovascular system, HSO, endocrine, sexual, metabolism etc., You can talk about the impact on everything, without exception, the system and, according to recent studies, even on the intellect. Therefore, taking care of a balanced diet is a vital necessity.


A rational approach means taking into account energy costs and the daily need for minerals, vitamins, amino and fatty acids. But it does not mean severe restrictions, diets and starvation. 

Changes in eating habits and lifestyle changes, no matter how intimidating it may sound, are possible in a fairly short period. Strong motivation, support from a nutrition consultant – step by step conditions for achieving visible and tangible results. Good health, mood and self-esteem, as well as a change in body quality, can be such results. 

Massage is always about changes in body quality, well-being and mood. Skin quality, muscle tone, body size and volume. Often even painful conditions (for example, migraine). With all this baggage, people turn to the help of a massage therapist, but all this is largely determined by nutrition.

Perhaps only an integrated approach, combining massage with changes in eating habits, diet and eating behavior, will be able to achieve your goals with maximum effectiveness.

We invite you to online consultation with functional nutrition specialist. Duration -1 hour, an online platform convenient for you (Skype, messenger, instagram, zoom, etc).

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