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Risks in massage

In the vast majority of cases, we simply do not know that massage is not always good. And in this ignorance lies the reason for the idealization and sacralization of massage as a method that helps "everyone and from everything." A method that is as good as anything natural, like non-GMO products. A method that is often seen as "instead of", as an alternative. Instead of medicine, instead of surgery.

Massage seems to be a safe procedure for both the masseur and the client.

But is it really so?

What will be discussed in general terms?


- collection of anamnesis, which will allow to avoid troubles,

, - medicines taken by our client and their compatibility with massage,

- chronic diseases and massage,

- trauma, thrombosis, instrumentation and much more

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Webinar duration: 1:51:35


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Risks in massage

Risks in massage

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