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Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is a safe and effective therapeutic contact with fascial tissues.


What are we working with?

We will focus on the superficial fascia and the various layers of the deep fascia. We will learn to recognize these layers, select an adequate method of influencing each of them, depending on the characteristics of the massaged area.

How it works?

The issue is still open for discussion. Recently, however, we are increasingly leaning towards neurological effects in response to a certain stimulus. This stimulus is a local continuous stretching of the tissue, which is maintained for a certain time and is performed in a special way. This is not at all like the usual massage technique of kneading or squeezing - this is a fundamentally different approach.

What result will I get?

- An introduction to many techniques that will help you work more specifically and purposefully at the fascial level. Your massage tools: palm, phalanges, fingers, forearm, elbow. Use cases and selection criteria.

- Acquaintance with structures tending to preferential shortening under the influence of various stress factors. It is on them that the main target impact is directed. However, the massage will affect the entire body: from the feet to the head.

- Understanding whether the fascia needs a rough and strong impact and the corresponding conclusions about the many misconceptions present in the massage community in this regard. Algorithm "DASIE" as a model of correct diving to the maximum depth.

- Expansion of the arsenal of massage techniques.

- The ability to more competently relate to the purpose of the procedure.

- Improving professional performance and efficiency.

Duration: 3 days  (10-17). The conspects & video materials are attached.

Face drainage: Видео
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