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Veno-lymphatic face drainage in the postoperative period

Plastic aesthetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular. Even a low-traumatic operation is always accompanied by swelling, hemorrhage, and pain.  

How long and difficult will the postoperative period be?? This, of course, is an individual question; it is made up of many components.

Can massage act as an assistant in rehabilitation? In many cases yes. Speeding up recovery and reducing swelling is a difficult task, but doable.


At the seminar we will look at:


- Some types of surgical interventions on the face: rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, circular lift, SMAS lifting, liposuction.

- Let's discuss the features and timing of the recovery period in each of the listed examples of operations.

- We will practice manual drainage techniques and massage rules for various areas to reduce swelling.

- We will get acquainted with general and surgery-specific recommendations for the client that will help him shorten the recovery period. ​


Duration: 2 days from 10 to 17. Methodological manual and video materials are attached.

Face drainage: Видео
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