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Topographic anatomy of the head and neck. Video course

Topography and localization of various anatomical structures for those who work with the face

This video course is an addition to the hit Anatomy of Aging webinar. During the course, facial structures are demonstrated on a 3D model and localized in detail on the living face of a particular person.


This course consists of two parts: theoretical and practical., on which we determine and visualize the places of muscle attachments, the topography of specific ligaments, nerves and blood vessels, the boundaries of fat packages.


Each layer of facial tissues is considered in detail and visually presented, and the online format of the course will allow you to enjoy the process of learning at any time convenient for you.


Together with Anatomy of Aging, both video courses provide a comprehensive source of information about both the anatomy and the aging process. Along with the already classic information, you are presented with modern and latest data from dissection studies that are not included in standard anatomy textbooks. More specialists, in whose arsenal of facial massage, no longer need to dream. The webinar and video course easily close any possible knowledge gaps that are exhaustively sufficient for a facial massage specialist.

О видеокурсе

О видеокурсе

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Course details


Bony structures of the skull and neck. 

Muscles of the head and neck. Chewing and mimic. Places of attachment, function. Sphincters and dilators, levators and depressors. Muscles associated with the hyoid bone.

blood supply. Arteries and veins of the head and neck. Lymph flow.

innervation. Nerves of the head and neck. V and VII pairs of FMN. innervated structures.

SMAS complex and ligamentous apparatus of the face.


Fat compartments of the face.

Glands and other structures.

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Video-course duration: 1:33:05


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Топографическая анатомия головы и шеи
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