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Joint mobilization

Mobilization techniques are used by physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists to treat acute and chronic limitations in joint range of motion. ​ The main idea of ​​this seminar is to give an idea of ​​the biomechanics of the joint, the principles of mobilization, gradation of traction and oscillatory techniques, and development of techniques for influencing large joints of the body.


Participation in the seminar will give a clear understanding of the main methods of mobilization, the choice of the direction of the mobilization push, depending on the nature of the limitation. ​


At the seminar:

1. Main directions of mobilization. Maitland's approach and Kaltenborn's school.

2. Types of arthrokinematic movements.

3. Plane of influence and the golden rule of convex-concave.

4. Degrees of mobilization by intensity.

5. Counter-indications for mobilization.

6. Practical training in pairs of mobilization techniques.

Seminar program:

Day 1:

- Theoretical part: review of mobilization techniques, physiological justification, rules of implementation and contraindications.

- Techniques for nonspecific mobilization of the facet joints of the spine in combination with functional massage.

- Techniques for mobilizing the shoulder joint.

- Scapula mobilization techniques.

Day 2:

- Techniques for mobilizing the elbow joint.

- Techniques for mobilizing the wrist joint.

- Techniques for mobilizing the hip joint.

- Techniques for mobilizing the knee joint.

Day 3:

- Ankle mobilization techniques.

- Repetition and consolidation of the material covered. ​


Duration of the seminar: 3 days (from 10 to 17).

Methodological manual and video materials are attached.

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