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You can get acquainted with the book and its contents in the preview above. Scroll through. ​

The book is available on Amazon in print and ebook versions.

I am glad to present to your attention my book “Chinese medicine. The sad reality of ancient wisdom".


An unconventional take on traditional Chinese medicine. The emergence of the concept of TCM and the main postulates; popular methods and pharmacopoeia, efficacy and safety  through the prism of an unbiased view of medical research and researchers. This book may come as a surprise to TCM fans and other critical thinkers alike.

"Face massage. Book number one" ​


Another book from Constantine Berman. How much we lack our practical training, usually short, to form a holistic professional picture of the world and a holistic understanding of the essence of the problems that we claim to solve. To reconcile our professional views with modern scientific ideas, to comprehend or perhaps rethink our massage, its tasks and ways to achieve them is one of the goals of this book. For a person whose profession is to massage other people, the essential question might be “Why?” Why am I doing this? And what is hidden behind “I want a massage”? In the book I share my answers to these and many other questions.

You can get acquainted with the book and its contents in the preview above. Scroll through. ​ To purchase a book, please fill out this form

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The book of the famous Canadian physiotherapist Greg Lehman "Recovery Strategies", translated by me into Russian, & nbsp; provides clear step-by-step instructions for those who suffer from chronic pain, as well as for those involved in pain therapy. The book is published in Patreon and is available to subscribers of all ranks. 

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy of the neck and head. Dissection

Good anatomical atlas

Another great anatomy atlas

Anatomical structures of the face through the eyes of a plastic surgeon

Facelift. Detailed anatomy

Functional morphology and general pathology of the skin


The science and theory of facial aging

Changes in the facial skeleton with age

Skin aging as a mechanical phenomenon: the main "weak links" of aging skin

Skin Aging: The King is Dead, Long Live the King?

Skin aging: adipocytes — new target?


Pain. Classification and reasons

New classification of chronic pain

An excellent resource from the Australian Pain Research Team

Low-value care in musculoskeletal health care: Is there a way forward?


How massage can really help?

Segmental massage

Brief information about some types of massage and their benefits

More about massage researches

Evidence-based massage therapy: a contradiction in terms? 


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