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"Slow tempo": myofascial body massage

As in classical massage, here we will find the usual stroking and kneading. However, there are nuances. Firstly, it is the pace: very slow, even. Secondly, it is the tension of the skin and superficial fascial cases that accompanies every movement. Thirdly, unlike the good old "classics", we use a number of additional positions of the body, bringing into pretension those tissues that first of all need to be lengthened.

Performing a massage of the whole body or a certain part of it in this style, you can harmonize muscle tone, reduce tension, increase the range of motion in the joints, improve the sliding of different layers of the myofascia relative to each other, and also contribute to their better hydration. Among the general effects of such a massage, I note the inevitable relaxation, a feeling of deep rest against the background of a decrease in nervous excitability.

At the seminar: anatomical and physiological characteristics of the receptor apparatus, reproducible techniques and various massage schemes practiced in pairs.


Duration: 3 days (10-17). The conspects & video materials are attached.

Face drainage: Видео
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