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Pain. From understanding to management

7 hours of pain. All you need to know

Which doctor or therapist should you see when you are in pain? 

Who is the best at helping people with chronic pain? 

Who should I see: a neurologist, an osteopath or a massage therapist?

Or be treated with needles in the fingers, cans on the stomach and lotions on the lower back?

What to do?This is the main question to be answered. But it can be answered only when the pain itself becomes more understandable.


When you better understand what you're dealing with, you can better deal with it. The search for the best specialist for you can be narrowed down, and money and time can be saved, sometimes quite significantly.

People spend a lot of money on useless and ineffective treatment, because a person who is ignorant and does not understand is very easy to deceive. And if someone thinks that informal and private medical and paramedical practice is the realm of crystal honesty, then this is not so. Only your own awareness of your own problem will make your choice of method and specialist more reasonable. And, since the problem in most cases is pain, I propose to deal with it.


Why do most of the proposed methods have a very short-term effect? Why are you offered constant and regular visits to a specialist over the years? I know the answers because I've been collecting them bit by bit over the years. And these answers are collected in one place and will be announced at the webinar “Pain. From understanding to management.


Questions to which you will receive an honest and specific answer:⠀⠀
Why "it hurts"?⠀⠀
Why does pain persist for a long time after a past injury?⠀⠀
Physiology of pain.⠀⠀
What can you do on your own to reduce pain?⠀⠀
After the webinar you will be able to:
Help your loved ones with real and working advice.⠀⠀
Learn to look for the “right” help of specialists.⠀⠀
Learn to understand who will help you and who will not.⠀⠀
Save your money spent on ineffective treatment.⠀⠀
Learn to help professionals help you.⠀

The book of the famous Canadian physiotherapist Greg Lehman "Recovery Strategies" as a conspect to the webinar you will get by e-mail


Webinar duration: 7:00:32


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Вебинар _Боль. От понимания - к управлению
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