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We are often asked to knead deeper and harder. And we try, we try, we try...

Sometimes we spend too much energy on this. Let's sweat. We get tired. We breathe heavily. We stretch the ligaments.

Why turn massage into hard physical labor? Is it possible to reach the maximum depth "little blood", lighter and more elegant? Of course yes!

In terms of impact, rolling is closest to kneading techniques. And in certain situations it is a real lifesaver for a massage therapist. Especially when working with a large client. ​ Rolling is a technique indispensable in the masseur's arsenal. Rolling techniques are easy to use and can be easily integrated into any type of massage.


Rolling will help:

1. Working with a large client.

2. Stretch tight muscles.

3. Stretch flat or hard-to-reach muscles.

4. Open the fascia, improve mobility and drainage.

5. Work long, deep and without feeling tired.

Program of the seminar:

Day 1.

- Rolling techniques as universal kneading techniques.

- The advantage of rolling techniques.

- Features of rolling with a fist, forearm. Options.

- Massage in the supine position. Back, lower limb.

- Features of kneading on flat muscle structures: latissimus d, rhomboids, trapezius mm.

- Kneading rotator cuff mm, erector spinae, gluteal mm, hip external rotators, hip extensors, knee flexors, foot plantarflexors, toe flexors.

- Kneading in a neutral position and pretension positions for these muscles.


Day 2.

- Massage in the supine position. Lower limb, back, upper limb.

- Emphasis on the following muscle groups: peroneal mm, IT band, TFL, gluteus medius, hip adductors, intercostales, serratus anterior, upper trapezius, levator scapulae, arm abductors, wrist extensors mm.

- Kneading in neutral position and pretension position.

Day 3.

- Massage in the supine position. Lower limb, upper limb, front surface of the body, neck, head. - Emphasis on the following muscle groups: foot dorsiflexors, quadriceps femoris, abdominal obliques, pectoralis mm, neck extensors, occipitofrontalism.

- Kneading in neutral position and pretension position.​


Duration: 3 days from 10 am to 5 pm. Methodological guide and video materials are attached.

Face drainage: Видео
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