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Rounded shoulders
Rounded shoulders posture

This master class will help you to give more detailed and focused attention to your client with appropriate postural habits, whether you are a beginner massage therapist or already professional. It is also useful for those who are engaged in facial massage, because, as V. Dahl wrote, with poor posture horse seeing like cow. So there can be no talk of any rejuvenation of the face in isolation from the body.


In a program: ​

1. Fundamental anatomy of the muscular system of the upper body (shoulder girdle, neck, chest).

2. Biomechanical analysis of the problem. What happens to skeletal tissues and myofascia?

3. Clear step-by-step strategies and tactics to help.

4. Simple technically and physically, understandable and reproducible massage of the corresponding zones.

5. Opportunity to brush up on the skills learned in the Deep Tissue Massage workshops and the working principles mentioned in the Anatomy Trains and Myofascial Pain Workshop. ​


Duration: 1 day (10-17). Methodological manual and video materials are attached.

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