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Muscles - theoretical and practical aspects

For those who work with the body

"Muscle" is the most familiar and common anatomical term. The muscle is a coveted structure for most massage therapists. The muscle is an inspiration and a fetish in the gym. The muscle is the source of pain according to many experts.


Is it true that there are 700 muscles in the body? My version is   50 101 000 701 muscle. How much did you count? I propose to check it out at a webinar dedicated to these incredible "mice" of the human body. Yes, "musculus" means "mouse". I propose to summarize the well-known and not so well-known information about what we encounter every hour in daily practice or in the process of life.


What will be discussed?


Basic and not very physiological information about the types and properties of muscle tissue.

Morphology of skeletal muscles.

These strange names for muscles.What is the incident?

Skeletal muscle anatomy.

Muscle pain.Prerequisites, causes, forecasts. Ridiculous beliefs and myths.

And again about the trigger point.

muscle stiffness. Why is this happening?

Is a tense muscle really “stretched”?

Delayed post-exercise muscle pain.Causes. What will help and what won't?

“During a massage, blood flow improves in the muscles.”What is wrong with this statement?


Who is this webinar for?


For anyone who has either muscle or massage skills or both.

You will get a conspect & certificate by email


Webinar duration: 5:58:16


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Мышцы. Теоретические и практические аспекты
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