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Webinars, lectures and video courses: learn without leaving home!


How does it actually work?

Do I really understand the process I'm trying to influencet?

Such questions are mandatory for successful,

productive practice

In facial massage aimed at preventing age-related changes, in anti-cellulite massage or for back pain - in all these cases, quality massage can only be based on a qualitative understanding of the problem. And...

A qualitative understanding of a problem makes you as competitive as possible!

We have collected very important and extensive theoretical material for you.

It's time to check your own ideas

with modern and objective data!

Each webinar is a deep dive into the designated topic.

In each webinar and video course you will find:

An in-depth and exciting journey into the world of anatomy and physiology

Lots of facts and debunked myths

Detailed analysis

popular massage trends

Authoritative opinion of top specialists and the scientific community

Select a webinar from the list and start your journey into the world of knowledge now!

Webinars and video courses:

Anatomical educational program. For those new to massage. Fundamental human anatomy 

Anatomy of aging. For those who work with the face. Layer-by-layer anatomy of the face 

Fascia - facts and speculation. All about this amazing fabric. The benefits and dangers of fascial manipulation

Muscles - Theoretical and practical aspects. Anatomy, physiology, problems

Pain: from understanding to management. Everything you need to know about pain. Recovery Strategies

Risks in massage. Sometimes things can go wrong... How to avoid trouble?

Topographic anatomy of the head and neck. Video course with drawing structures on a living person

Video lectures:

Morphotypes of aging. The material is the foundation of massage, taking into account individual characteristics.

Lecture on edema syndrome.

Types, causes, therapy

Hypertension & massage.

The play's rules

Pain during massage.

Why & When?

Affective touch. Neurophysiology. Clinical practice & researches

Vitamin C. Biochemical functions, its role in the body

and much more

Holidays without consequences? Easily!

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After gaining access to the webinar you will receive:
methodological guide for the webinar and certificate of participation
Access to video materials is not limited in time


Attention! New course!

"NUTRITIOLOGY FOR EVERYONE®️Simply about the complex"

There is nowhere to scroll further. Will you choose your webinar now or let your competitors improve their professional level without you? :)

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